Konfigurasi jaringan menggunakan modem ADSL

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When using ADSL router with real “white” IP given by ISP, it’s useful to configure your router to forward incoming TCP connections to your PC, because it declines all incoming connections by default. In the simpliest configuration when your home network has 1 PC the easiest way to get it worked is to set up DMZ.

First of all ensure that your ADSL router is accessible via IP (refer to the router’s manual if your router’s IP differs from You can make it by opening in your web browser. If you see authentication window, everything is ok.

Before configuring DMZ it’s serious to set up static local IP address on your PC. It may be done in 2 different ways:

  • You may assign static IP by router’s DHCP server
  • You may configure your PC’s LAN interface manually

The second is usually a little easier, so we’ll use this method.

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