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Since 2012, SmartCommunity’s Jabber/XMPP projects and hosted websites are completely sponsored by SyriaTalk team. This made completely dependant on Syrian owner, but since we co-operate very much, it should not be a problem at all. will remain to be a “national” Indonesian Jabber/XMPP server, and the Syrian users will be served at also managed by SmartCommunity team.

However, we still accept resource donations and other contributions to our project. We’ll be very happy if you allow us to run our software on your server or if you provide any other kind of help. Please keep in mind that our server is very heavilly loaded (well, we guess our server is world’s largest community powered Jabber/XMPP server) and we’ll probably need huge amounts of bandwidth, RAM and CPU time in order to run something (just for reference: SyriaTalk’s servers have 32–128G RAM).

Anyone who can donate resources, please join our support room ( to discuss about it, or post a message in our forum.

We also accept money donations using PayPal. To donate via PayPal click the PayPal button in the sidebar. IRL donations can be accepted in greater Jakarta area (Indonesia), call +62 (812) 545–13–986 for details. Making a money donation, you support not only SmartCommunity’s services, but also tens of websites hosted on our server.