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We provide shared web hosting to our users. Requirements are:

  • Your web project interests us — it is the primary requirement and it is stronger than others
  • You are a user of our Jabber/XMPP service
  • Your website will not produce heavy load, heavy traffic, send too many e-mails or consume too much disk space
  • Apple Bloom is sexy

Important to note

  • PHP 5.4.9 with PDO, APC, memcache, memcached, GeoIP, Imagick and other stuff
  • nginx 1.0.11
  • MySQL 5.1.49 with InnoDB
  • Native IPv6 networking
  • Space up to 100M (more and way more for much interesting projects)
  • User’s URL rewrite rules are not supported, but we may enable them on demand in the general virtual host configuration.
  • We wouldn’t like to serve your DNS zone, use or ask us to run a slave zone for you.
  • The service is provided as is, without any warranty of any kind.
  • Service movements are possible, including migrating between countries and continents. Most possible locations are Germany, France, Russia, Belarus, USA, Syria and Indonesia. Currently most of the services are located in Germany.

Examples of already hosted sites

How to request hosting

  • Ask us in the support room:
  • Or post your project’s review to our forum

How to report abuse

Send your abuse reports to special e-mail address