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Win7: Running the Command Prompt w/Administrator privileges

  • open start menu by clicking it's icon or the WIN button on your keyboard (usually between Ctrl and Alt).
  • type "cmd" in a "Search programs and files" box
  • after it finds cmd, push Ctrl+Shift+Enter simultaneously
  • confirm elevation request
  • observe "Administrator: " in the window title

and there you are!

Changing password

You can change any user's password if you are admin without knowing the previous one. Just run


USERNAME and NEW_PASSWORD are desired user and password.
If you don't know username, you can find it in the list:

net user

or you can assign a password to current user by running


cmd will automatically substitute %USERNAME% with user name. Beware of consequences and use with care!

Oldschool user management window

If you are used to the previous version of the "User management" dialog, you still can bring it to the screen by entering the following command:

control userpasswords2

Win7: Super Management Folder (aka "God Mode")

Open your favorite file manager (e.g. Explorer) and create a folder with a special name:


you can now open it in Explorer and observe various useful shortcuts in one place.