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Logo draft

Welcome to the website of SmartCommunity, an international online Jabber/XMPP community. SmartCommunity was founded in Indonesia in 2008 to run a public Jabber/XMPP server, later we also took ownership. Our server was Indonesia’s most known Jabber/XMPP server beside VoIP Rakyat’s and Plasa’s ones. If you want to learn more about Jabber/XMPP technology, please read the introduction. News and updates are available in our Twitter.

Because of high interest to Jabber/XMPP in Syria and other arabic countries in 2011–2012, our server grown from a quite minor one to an extremely large for an incommercial project. We helped Syrian people to have their own XMPP domain and they helped us to get resources to be able to handle growing load. Because of that, nowadays our public server seems to be one of the world’s largest (or even the largest one) community powered Jabber/XMPP servers.

SmartCommunity’s website acts like a knowledge base on Jabber/XMPP related topics. Each community member is allowed to make editions. However, public registration on the website is closed in order to prevent abuse.

Community members

The project’s team much changed since it’s foundation as JabberID.Org in 2008.

Real name Nick Role Website Microblog Social Contact phone
Id.png Arnold Lapian bLaDe Founder and ideologist Lopbox
Sy.png Ali aLi Programmer, Administrator SyriaTalk Blog
Ru.png Alexey Zolotov shade Programmer Facebook
Id.png Paijo Ahmad Jo Administrator Lopbox Facebook +62 (857) 41276899
Id.png Ahmad Ajj ☆◦◦çås☺þér◦◦☆ Support team
Id.png Wiecliff Reynardo WRS Support team Lopbox Facebook
Id.png Reza Pratama micko Support team Site Blog
Ir.png Benyamin Gholami m2m Support team Facebook
Id.png Fakhri Izz Ŧакнгί Support team Blog

Past members are

We never forget their contribution and thank them for everything they did.

Certificate authority

We run our own certificate authority to sign our SSL certificates. It allows us not to pay money to commercial certificate authorities in order to use encrypted connections. Of course, it does not guarantee your security, but it’s very unusual for the free services to give you any guarantees in common.

You can get our root certificate by clicking here.

Interesting facts

  • Our SMS gateway’s sender ID is “jSmartComm” because “SmartCommunity” does not fit into 13 characters
  • Using of the “Jabber lamp” in our logo is permitted by Peter Saint-Andre
  • The server runs ejabberd under FreeBSD operating system

Why not Prosody?


Our achievements

  • Translated ejabberd to Indonesian language (Irfan Mahfudz Guntur)
  • Translated Jabber Disk to Indonesian language (Wiecliff Reynardo)
  • Developed Cathy bot using Ruby and xmpp4r (Artem Sheremet)
  • Developed PHP-Component, engine for rapid component development (Ilja Averkov)
  • Developed Lopbox microblogging service (Irfan Mahfudz Guntur)
  • Developed RSS transport (Ilja Averkov)
  • Developed free weather widget service (Ilja Averkov)
  • Reported several issues with iSida, Pako, ejabberd, gloox, qxmpp and other software (Arnold Lapian, Ilja Averkov, Artem Sheremet)


Individual members’s contacts are shown in the table above. Additionally, the following contacts are available

  • (e-mail address) — for reporting any abusive activity and copyright violations of our users
  • (XMPP groupchat) — SmartCommunity staff conference