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SMS gateway is a Jabber/XMPP transport that allows you to send SMS messages from your Jabber/XMPP client (Psi, Bombus, etc). Please note that it’s still is being under testing and some features may not work properly. Access to SMS transport is currently allowed only to SmartCommunity team, because we pay money for each SMS sent.


Open service discovery at, chose and press “Register” within your client. You’ll see a form with 1 field “recepient’s phone number”. Provide any phone number in international format (example: +628560000000) and press “ok”. The recepient’s contact will be added to your roster. Another way to register is simply to add “” contact. Now you are able to send SMS messages to that contact. Just send it a usual Jabber/XMPP message — it will be delivered as an SMS message. The price of SMS sent will be taken from your SmartCommunity account.

Important note

SMS messages may be sent in ASCII or UCS2 encoding. In ASCII each character is represented by 1 byte, but in UCS2 — by two bytes. It’s very important to know that if your message contains at least one non-ASCII character, entire SMS will be encoded using UCS2, so your message will be 2 times larger. For example:

<some_nicк> some text message for everybody to know about text encodings

This message contains a non-ASCII character (marked bold). If you send such message “as is”, it will be splitted into 2 messages, but if you replace that letter with a latin “k”, it will shrink into one sms. It is especially important for long messages where the difference may be 6 messages in UCS2 vs. 3 messages in ASCII.