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SmartCommunity provides free e-mail service for Jabber/XMPP users. The e-mail server uses the same database with Jabber/XMPP, so everyone may use his/her Jabber ID as an e-mail account. We currently provide 50M disk space for each user and ClamAV powered antivirus solution. Spam is blocked using RBL which is not perfect, but good enough. Please note that e-mail service needs to be activated per each JID. You may request activation in the official support room. You just need to tell your JID.


  • Username: full Jabber ID
  • Password: your Jabber password
  • POP server:
  • IMAP server:
  • SMTP server:
  • WebMail:

Service policy

You are not permitted to send any unwanted messages or messages that violate Indonesian and international law. You agree that our postmasters may track or read your e-mail messages to ensure that you follow this rule.

Important note

E-mail address is reserved for system messages. Don’t try to reply e-mails sent from that address, your messages will not be read by anyone.

Abuse reporting

Send your abuse reports to special address