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A lot of hosting operators provide cheap dedicated servers. Here is a short list with the cheapest available configurations. This is just a collection — we cannot guarantee anything about most of the listed companies. The exceptions are BurstNET and Hetzner Online AG whose services are used by SmartCommunity. BurstNET and Hetzner are great.

Budget operator Loc CPU RAM Disk Bandwidth Price
BurstNET® Us.png USA Celeron D 347 3.06GHz 1G 80G 5T/month ** $49.95
ServerPronto Us.png USA AMD 2000+ 1G 2×40G 5T/month $37.95
Sago Networks Us.png USA Intel Pentium IV 2G 320G 500G/month $55
Host Color Us.png USA Intel Core 2 Duo 2G 500G 2T/month $79
gigapros Us.png USA Intel Atom D525 2G 500G 10Mbps $49
InterServer Us.png USA Intel Pentium4 1G 80G 1T/month $49 Us.png USA Intel Atom 1G 250G 6T/month $44
Hetzner Online AG De.png Germany AMD Athlon 64 3700+ 1G 2×160G unmetered * 29€ Fr.png France Nano U2250 2G 160G unmetered 14.99€
Server4You Fr.png France AMD Athlon™ X2 4G 2×320G unmetered $28.99
OVH Fr.png France Intel Core2Duo 4G 2×750G unmetered 49.99€
SeFlow It.png Italy Intel Atom D510 2G or 4G 160G unmetered * 24€ or 28€
id#root Id.png Indonesia, 3D Intel Core i3 8G 2×500G unmetered, 3Mbps intl rp. 800.000
Daxa Networks Id.png Indonesia Intel P4 520 1G 250G unmetered, 128kbps intl rp. 500.000
LeaseWeb Nl.png Netherlands Intel T2450 1G 160G 5T/month 33€
shinjiru My.png Malaysia Intel Pentium 4 2G 500G 1T/month $69
Nocser Technology My.png Malaysia Intel Xeon 3 series 1G 2×80G 300G/month $60
Host-Telecom Cz.png Czech Republic E3-1220 4 Core, 3.1GHz 8G 500G unmetered, 100 Mbps 99€

* The speed will be switched to 10 Mbps after you exceed your monthly quota (5T for SeFlow & 10T for Hetzner)
** upgradeable up to 1 Gbps unmetered, dedicated